How Image Market Apparel was started.

After years of trying to find "cool gear" to wear to sporting events, Brett figured out that he would just have to make his own! And thus, Image Market Apparel was born in his basement. Word got around quickly every time people saw his designs and soon was making a large portion of the sport teams and fan apparel in town. After upgrading to a new location and trying numerous techniques, Image Market Apparel was able to offer an increasingly larger selection of apparel at competitive prices. Believing that the industry had more to offer, Image Market apparel grew to what it is today - A nationally known growing company that can offer any custom apparel and accessory you need!

We designed a website to allow customers to order or design their own custom apparel for any occasion. We delight in helping you look your best and offer unique apparel purchased from brand name companies such as Nike, Adidas, Holloway, Badger, some Under Armour, Sport Tek, Gildan, and many other top rated manufacturers.  

Just ask our friend Andy....."Be careful what you say, because it might just end up on a shirt!"